EA - Delivery through Quality, Speed & Accuracy


Quality, Speed & Accuracy
The three key words that best define the service that Exec Assignments provides to its client base. Our proven methodology, knowledge and track record of delivery, helps in providing the critical hires that our clients require to build their businesses.

Our Search Process

Our 4-part search process enables us to approach the “known talent network” specific to the assignment & locations for “high potential” candidates.
With constant feedback to our clients, we ensure we identify and profile the right candidates.


Thereafter we conduct intensive interviews, via phone, face 2 face or video, reference each candidate, present the best available shortlist, and professionally manage the interview, offer and closure stage.


This ensures we have an unrivalled track record of success for executing on our clients hiring mandates
Research Phase – Week 1.
Agreement of the hiring brief and create all channels to reach out to the ‘Target Universe’.
Execution Phase – Week 2-4.
Targeting of potential candidates and conduct 1st/2nd stage interviews & progress report for Client.
Delivery Phase – Week 5-6.
Selection & presentation of candidate shortlist to the client with interview notes.
Completion Phase – Week 7-8.
Interviews arranged. Preferred candidate selected with offer/contract management with client and confirmation of start date.